College Presidency and an Early Thanksgiving

Since the end of July I have a new position: president of Wilbur Wright College, one of the seven community colleges in the City Colleges of Chicago system. Diverse, dynamic, committed to serving its students and community, Wright College is similar to the thousand other public community colleges in the United States. We are an essential part of the larger educational system – challenged to do more, be more, serve more – and to do it more effectively. Considering how important we are to so many students, I appreciate those high expectations. They are a sign of trust and a broader recognition by the public of the power of education. Expectations also keep us working very hard.

The journey to Wright College has been 27 years in the making from my first full-time job at NYU in the summer of 1986. The late Bob Korchak, then FAS Budget Director, interviewed me, hired me, mentored me, and convinced me that there was great value in pursuing a career in higher education making institutions stronger. I have been extremely fortunate. Bob has been one of hundreds upon hundreds of colleagues and friends that have helped me understand education, learn, and grow. My family has been supportive, going above and beyond the call. In thinking about how I have made it to this role, my primary feeling is one of gratitude.

Bob was right, too, and I am very glad that I have pursued this path.

An enormous thank you to all –

David Potash



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